Potomac Plaza ThumbnailAny inquiries about these properties should be directed to the respective contacts listed below. Potomac Plaza is not a condominium. Rather, it is a co-operative corporation (co-op). Learn more about difference between co-ops and condos.

Apartments Currently For Sale with Contacts:*

  • Apartment 107 (one bedroom with balcony). Trudi Berlin Hays at 703-675-3894.
  • Apartment 404 (two bedroom).  Christine McGuinness at 301-404-3145.
  • Apartment 707 (one bedroom with balcony).  Scott Purcell at 202-262-6968.
  • Apartment 823 (studio).  Katrina Piano at 301-980-2228.

Apartments Currently For Lease with Contacts:*

  • Apartment 226 (one bedroom with balcony).  Shannon Hettinger at 202-503-7833.
  • Apartment 529 (2 bedroom).  TJ Murphy at 202-210-7653.
  • Apartment 823 (studio).  Katrina Piano at 301-980-2228.
  • Apartment 829 (2 bedroom).  Cynthia Wallace at 518-963-7193 (p.m. only).
  • Apartment 917 (one bedroom with balcony).  Yarmouth Management at 202-547-3511.

Commercial Space for Sale with Contact:*

  • Commercial Bays 1 & 2 (storefront).  Ben Wilson at 202-536-3768.

*Please note: As a residence cooperative, neither Potomac Plaza nor its staff engages in real estate sales or marketing. Potomac Plaza does not provide information with regard to specific apartments. Please consult with real estate agents directly in regard to these matters.