Going Green

Potomac Plaza is proud to be on the cutting edge of “green” technologies used to address environmental concerns. When the time came to replace the existing roof on the building, a “green roof” was a logical option to consider. In fact, the green roof proposal provided the best balance between installation costs and life-cycle benefits.

Watch a video tour of our green roof produced by EcoBuilding.

A green roof incorporates vegetation in a growing medium, planted over a building’s waterproof roofing membrane. Green roofs absorb rainwater, provide insulation and help to lower urban air temperatures, thus mitigating the “heat island” effect. With the costs of energy rising and the environmental need to reduce storm water run-off, installing a green roof was the logical choice.

Yellow flowers of a sedum plant on the green roof.

A variety of sedums have created a colorful blanket over much of the roof.

In July 2013, installation began on Potomac Plaza’s green roof. The new roof  includes twenty thousand square feet of vegetation surrounding the building’s roof terrace. Several varieties of hearty sedum plants cover the surface in a beautiful carpet of lush color, flowering and changing with the seasons.

This project makes Potomac Plaza an even better and more efficient place to live.  Our building is “green” in more ways than one.  While utility rates continue to trend upward, recent improvements to our building (green roof, more efficient heating and cooling, and new boilers) have contributed to a 20% decrease in utility expenses in 2017 and 2018 compared to 2015